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… an elegant yet progressive design for a new modern-day iconography.

Dornbracht VAIA Designarmatur Designer Fitting Platinum Matt 012

Inspired by the ‘eclectic style’ interior design trend, the distinctive design of the new premium designer fitting is both elegant and progressive. Vaia is therefore equally at home in traditional and modern bathroom architectures – as well as those that combine the elements of different style worlds, in keeping with the eclectic style.

Dornbracht VAIA Designarmatur Designer Fitting Platinum Matt 005

The Vaia series incorporates a soft, balanced design language and an attitude that is always receptive to anything new. Its delicate spout picks up a traditional shape and transposes it to a new, more open silhouette. There is a traditional feel to the handles as well – available as cross-handles or levers, they combine geometric shapes and soft contours. The rosettes are tapered, creating an especially smooth transition to the washstand.

Dornbracht VAIA Designarmatur Designer Fitting Platinum Matt 002


Vaia’s clear design language is a response to the varied and increasingly complex interiors world of tomorrow, and blends elegantly into the mix of present-day living styles. It creates a familiar and harmonious atmosphere – at the same time as maintaining the progressive attitude that characterises all the Dornbracht design series. With fittings and series-specific accessories for washstand, bidet, shower and bath applications, Vaia brings a great deal of creative freedom.

Dornbracht VAIA Designarmatur Designer Fitting Platinum Matt 004

A new finish: dark platinum matt

Vaia is available in Dornbracht’s much loved platinum matt and polished chrome finishes. A new addition from autumn 2017 will be the exquisite dark platinum matt finish. Its dark, lightly brushed silk matt colour appears warm, soft and grounding and creates a feeling of old world charm in the bathroom. Dornbracht’s new variant provides another opportunity to individualise the bathroom and adds even more scope for creative freedom.

Dornbracht VAIA Designarmatur Designer Fitting Platinum Matt 013


Vaia is based on the design principles that characterise all the Dornbracht series. The “5 Ps” – Proportion, Precision, Progressiveness, Personality and Performance – create a sustainable and long-lasting aesthetic appeal that is evident in the new Vaia series: its proportions are balanced, harmonious and precise. Its design is shaped by clear lines and exact transitions. The workmanship is outstanding, down to the last detail. Vaia picks up the latest trends in interior design, not to imitate them, but to give them a new interpretation, which – along with the new dark platinum matt finish – contributes to a progressive style of interior architecture.

Dornbracht VAIA Designarmatur Designer Fitting Platinum Matt 009

J-500™ COLLECTION by Jacuzzi

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J-500™ COLLECTION by Jacuzzi


The new luxury J-500™ Collection combines revolutionary design and legendary performance. Featuring a unique curve design and outer architectural lighting never seen before. With an exterior inspired from woven textiles, it does more than enhance your well-being, it makes a statement.

Jacuzzi 01



Jacuzzi® Brand hot tubs are designed for reliability. Every part you see – and even those you don’t – is exceptionally engineered with the best materials to ensure a superior product. With more than 250 quality checks and outstanding inspection standards, Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs have a reputation for dependability.


Jacuzzi 02



  1. DURABLE ACRYLIC SHELL. Trifusion™ process with reinforced backing for a longer lasting, crack-resistant surface.
  2. FULL FOAM INSULATION. Quieter performance while helping to maintain water temperature and support pipes.
  3. PROPOLYMER™ FOUNDATION. Protects equipment from moisture and the elements.
  4. ENGINEERED SEATING. Designed to create an ergonomic harmony between the human body and moving water.
  5. PROENDURE™ SYNTHETIC WOOD CABINET. UV-resistant to withstand weather and stay beautiful longer.
  6. SOPHISTACATED CONTROL SYSTEM. Intuitive and easy-to-use controls, even in the dark.


Jacuzzi 03



Ready to get inspired? Explore our beautiful image gallery for Jacuzzi® Hot Tub installation ideas and backyard designs.

Jacuzzi 04


Jacuzzi 05

Jacuzzi 06


Jacuzzi 07

Axor Citterio E

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Axor Citterio E

The essence of luxury

Axor 05

Axor Citterio E is a collection that combines a classic appearance with modern functionality. The design is characterized by precisely formed surfaces and edges that merge seamlessly into soft, flowing shapes – an expression of timeless quality and exquisite elegance. The everyday use of water becomes a real celebration of something special.


Axor 01

Axor Citterio E enhances the bathroom, with the products blending in harmoniously in a range of environments – from modern apartments to exclusive villas. The design is the work of the Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio. It is already the third collection that Axor has developed with this gentleman of design.

Axor 02

Axor Citterio E can be enjoyed in all areas of the bathroom. A wide range of different faucet variations are available at the vanity, while you can experience the functionality and intuitive operation of the products in the shower. At the bathtub, you can choose between a free-standing bathtub thermostat or a bathtub/tile mounted faucet.

Axor 04


The Axor Citterio E bathroom is rounded off tastefully with accessories from Axor’s comprehensive accessories range. For Axor Citterio E, we recommend Axor Universal accessories – which were also designed by Antonio Citterio


DuraSquare by Duravit

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DuraSquare by Duravit

Striking. Precise. Rectangular. And yet soft and flowing. The DuraSquare ceramics effortlessly bring together apparent contradictions whilst also looking incredibly good. Clarity, precision and minimalism run through the entire program, which is not only modern and timeless but also sustainable and durable.

Duravit 07


The washbasins feature extremely precise, parallel lines that, inside the basin, make way for soft and round transitions. Made from the innovative material DuraCeram®, precise rims can be created that are just a quarter inch thick. This maximizes the size of the basin, which is also particularly easy to clean.
Durasquare 01

Architectonic design

The fusion of rectangle and circle. The above-counter basin is also available with a glazed back and all-round rim and can therefore be positioned directly in front of a mirror.
Durasquare 02
Also suitable for smaller rooms: The subtle shapes of the ceramic and console of the handrinse basin create particular transparency and lightness.
Durasquare 04
Durasquare 05
Durasquare 03

New metal console

New metal consoles add the finishing touch to the DuraSquare range. Available in modern Matt Black or Chrome, they lighten the appearance with a cool finish. Especially flexible, as height-adjustable and with an optional towel holder on the right or left. Whether floorstanding or wall-mounted, the practical glass shelf creates even more storage space. The range of different colors can be used to add an individual touch.
Durasquare 06

To match: Vero Air toilet and bidet

The rectangular basic form of the toilet and bidet in the Vero Air range is the perfect complement. With their precise, geometric basic form, they become a real eye-catcher in the bathroom. The Vero Air toilet is equipped with Rimless® technology, which enables perfect flushing results for the first time with a rectangular wall-mounted toilet.
Durasquare 07

Sustainable in terms of design and material

The bathtubs are made from the innovative cast mineral material DuraSolid® and harmonize perfectly with the washbasin design. Whether as a freestanding, built-in, back-to-wall or corner version, the bathtubs offer impressively precise lines and a pleasantly warm feel.
Durasquare 08
The innovative material DuraSolid® permits the production of seamless bathtubs, as if cast from a single mould.
Durasquare 09
The built-in, back-to-wall and corner versions of the bathtub are optionally available with a cable-driven waste & overflow with Chrome trim. The freestanding version includes an overflow and push-open waste, each in Chrome trim.
Durasquare 10

Vero Air by Duravit

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Vero Air by Duravit

Vero Air

New interpretation of timeless geometry: The consistently rectangular design language of the Vero bathroom range from 2001 is one of the classics in the Duravit program. And now it’s time for Vero Air: Thanks to today’s technical options, Vero Air is a complete bathroom collection that combines the unmistakable character of the original with a new level of precision and perfect proportions.
Veroair 01
Veroair 02
Veroair 03

Nordic elegance by Duravit

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Nordic elegance by Duravit

Duravit 06


The unusual design of the Luv series, designed by Cecilie Manz, combines Nordic minimalism with timeless elegance. Gentle forms follow a stringent geometry. Luv is defined by precise, clear and fine forms and edges. The designer’s original vision for this range was a bowl filled with water on a table. The result is a new design language that, both minimalist and elegant, can be interpreted in a highly individual manner.

Luv 02

Precise edges, clear forms

The above-counter and handrinse basin from the Luv series are made of DuraCeram®, a material that can be used to create particularly precise edges and, together with the oval form of the bowl, produces an especially clear and fine design. The basins are available with or without integrated tap platform that serves simultaneously as a shelf for soap or other items. The ceramic slotted waste adds the finishing touch to the elegant series.

Luv 01

Luv 03

Large above-counter basin

Thanks to the fine rims, the oval above-counter basins have a large inside basin. In addition to the classical variant in glazed White, Luv is now also available exclusively to Duravit with matt exterior surfaces in White, Grey or Sand. Particularly in combination with the furniture finishes, this results in a harmonious overall impression that is entirely in keeping with the Scandinavian style.
Luv 04

Handrinse basin

Luv also offers suitable solutions for small bathrooms or powder rooms. In the handrinse basins, the integrated tap platform serves simultaneously as a practical shelf for soap, etc., thereby saving space.
Luv 05
Luv 06

Timeless and minimalist

The furniture in the Luv series is a further indication of Manz’s particularly fine feeling for material and colors. The modern chests of drawers have height-adjustable feet and one or two drawers, which open and close gently thanks to the push-to-open technology and self-closing function. The optional organizer system for the top drawer is available in solid walnut or maple. The new colors White, Nordic White, Taupe, Stone grey, Light blue or Night blue enable highly individual bathroom design.
Luv 08

XXL mirrors

The mirrors also echo the design language of the series and have rounded edges. They are the ideal complement to the washing area. The touchless, dimmable illuminated area at the upper edge of the mirror provides just the right light for every situation. Further high-tech elements are concealed discretely inside the mirror. A touchless control panel integrated in the mirror can be used to select LED lighting, the dimmer function and mirror heating. The latter ensures a clear mirror view, even after a hot shower.
Luv 09
Luv 10

Isy by Zucchetti

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Isy by Zucchetti

Isy is a system that speaks the language of simplicity: it is not an effort of design but an idea which flows from water’s own creativity and follows its plastic forms.

Z 02

Beginning with just a few essential items the range has expanded to include seven complete diversified product lines that nevertheless have a common theme: immediacy of form and modularity.


Z 01

Mint by Fantini

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Mint 02


Mint is characterised by a design inspired by primary and essential forms. The result is a product that is pleasant and balanced, reassuring and very versatile for all the environments of a contemporary bathroom.


Mint 05

Mint 04

Mint 03

Mint 01



Milano by Fantini

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Milano by Fantini

Milano 07


Milano shows a distinguishing outline which gives a far-reaching sense of the bathroom environment which goes beyond the feeling of modern taste and towards a futuristic design.


Milano 06

Milano 05

Milano 04

Milano 03

Milano 02

Milano 01


Venezia by Fantini

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Glass on glass. Transparencies on colours. The high level of craftsmanship of Murano blown glass expressed through an exact geometrical rigour: that is the Venezia series.

Venezia by Fantini

Venezia by Fantini

Venezia by Fantini

Venezia by Fantini

Venezia by Fantini

Venezia by Fantini

Venezia by Fantini

Venezia by Fantini

Venezia by Fantini

Venezia by Fantini